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Song about animal

How to make Paper Animals

How to make Paper Goldfish

How to make Paper Frog

A video about plants.

How to Grow plants from seeds

Label  a Sunflower Plant

Sunflower Plant

How to Plant Right for Healthy, Waterwise Plants

Break Up Compact Soil
Soils that are compacted inhibit drainage and root growth. Compacted soil must be broken up using a shovel, pick or Rototiller. For maximum root spread cultivate new garden and turf areas one foot deep, not just where individual shrubs and trees are to be placed. Break through compacted layers so roots can penetrate into looser soil below.

Add Organic Material.
Organic materials, such as compost, improve every soil type. Organic materials bind sandy soil particles so they retain moisture and nutrients better. They also break apart clay and silt particles, so that water can infiltrate and roots can spread. Amend soil by mixing 4-6" of compost or other organic material into the top 6-12" of soil in new garden and turf areas. Annual beds should receive an additional 1-2" each year. Composted yard waste or barnyard manure are the best soil amendments, because the nutrients are ready for plants to use. Fresh manure, grass clippings or shredded fall leaves can be used, but they must be allowed to decompose completely before planting. In poorly drained areas use a mix of compost and topsoil to created raised planting areas.

Mulch to Retain Moisture.
Mulch is any material that is spread on the soil to slow moisture evaporation, keep the surface loose and porous, and keep down weeds. Organic materials such as wood chip, ground bark and compost are excellent mulches which allow air and water to enter the soil, and add nutrients as they decompose. Mulch shrubs and trees with up to 6" of wood chip or coarse bark to protect the soil for years. Finer textured materials such as compost and ground bark should be in 1-2" layers. Mulch annual plants with 1-2" layers of compost, manure, grass clippings or shredded leaves which can be tilled in at the end of the season. Lawns may be top 

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