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Traditional Herbal Plants In Malaysia

Misai Kucing

The scientific name for this plant is “Orthosiphon Aristatus” and it is a common ornamental plant or garden herb in Malaysia.
(**Add on 14 Sept, 2009 – READ HERE for an article in our local newspaper recently on “Misai Kucing Cures All” , and the lady talked about the A H1N1 Flu and breast cancer.)
In addition to treating gout (it removes urea acid), the active compound of Misai Kucing is also good for -
  1. diabetes by balancing blood sugar levels
  2. stress
  3. high blood pressure
  4. removing toxins
  5. revitalise our energy
  6. regeneration and building of new cells
  7. balancing our body systems

Tomorrow Leaf Plant

Angelica keiskei was once a popular medicinal herb in Singapore. From afar,  it looks like a enlarged version of the flat leaf parsley plant (Petroselinum neapolitanum). In fact, do not be surprised to know that both plants are members of the Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) family. Common vegetables such as the carrot, celery and dill are also members of this family.
This medicinal herb is often sold singly in pots. It grows as a rosetted plant with a height of about 20 to 30 cm tall. Its large, much divided leaves confers a rather lush look to the entire plantThe leaves are consumed like a vegetable either in the raw form or cooked by lightly blanching it. When cut, the aerial parts of this plant exude a yellow sap which is found to be an abundant source of furocoumarins and a range of polyphenols. These are believed to possess health-enhancing and anti-cancer properties. However, it is reported that the consumption of Angelica keiskei can lead to skin sensitivity to sunlight and may cause dermatitis in some individuals. Like many members of the Apiaceae family, Angelica keiskei also features a tap root underground that is short and thick. It is also edible and is served either in the cooked or pickled form.

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